As a full-service law firm MJF provides services in diverse number of legal areas. Our dedicated team has experts ranging from civil, criminal, constitutional, family and all business law matters. We also routinely represent our clients in administrative proceedings in various tribunals. We tenaciously represent our clients in all trial courts and also follow up their cases with equal zeal in all appellate courts in the country, all the way to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. In addition, we have dedicated experts in the area of arbitration and alternate dispute resolutions. In each case we apprise our clients of all possible avenues available to them in order to reach the best outcome concerning their legal problems. This is a unique advantage of MJF as our expertise is not limited to any one legal forum of strategy. In addition, MJF’s network of offices allows us to provide clients with a cost- effective and coordinated strategy in matters involving multiple jurisdictions.

Here are some of our major areas of practice:

      • Criminal Litigation
      • Civil Litigation
      • Family Law
      • Communication Law
      • Tax
      • Commercial Disputes
      • Arbitration,
      • Mediation & Conciliation
      • Construction
      • Real Estate
      • Banking
      • Insurance
      • Employment Disputes
      • Utilities
      • Securities
      • Intellectual Property
      • Debt Collection
      • Bankruptcy
      • Consumer Law
      • Environmental Law
      • Media Law
      • Negligence & Damages