Land disputes in Pakistan are one of the most common kind of litigation practice that MJF engages on a routine basis on behalf of its esteemed clients. MJF has an expert and dedicated team that is able to represent the legal interests of all stakeholders commonly involved in land disputes. This includes land developers, housing societies, buyers, sellers, lease holders, tenants, investors, funds and property owners.

The property dispute lawyers at MJF are able to provide sound advise on all property related matters whether the real estate involved is residential, commercial or industrial in nature. MJF has successfully won numerous cases of disputed land titles on behalf of its clients and have saved our clients billions of rupees through having their legal rights secured.

One way to avoid future litigation surround real estate issues is to have your agreements for sale, rent, lease, power of attorney, licensing etc drafted by one of our expert lawyers in the area of real estate law. Good initial drafting of such real estate agreements will go a long way in diminishing future disputes.