Divorce and Financial Settlements in Pakistan: A Legal Guide

Financial settlements in divorce cases can be complex, as they involve the division of property, calculation of maintenance (Haq Mehr), and determination of child support. In Pakistan, these matters are primarily governed by the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961 and the Family Courts Act 1964.

The law dictates that the wife is entitled to receive her Haq Mehr in full upon divorce. Further, if the husband initiates the divorce, the wife may be entitled to maintenance during the iddat period (waiting period post-divorce). Child support is determined based on various factors such as the child’s needs and the parents’ financial capabilities.

Given the intricacies of these calculations and the potential disputes that may arise, it is advisable to have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side.

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Divorce and financial settlements can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. However, with Advocate Awan’s guidance, you can navigate these issues confidently, ensuring a fair outcome.

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