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With its head office located in Lahore, right behind the beautiful Lahore High Court building, MJF is one of Pakistan’s best law firms for any family related matter. We are specialized in all matters related to divorce and issues that arise from it.  We proudly represent our clients in the following areas of family related litigation:

  • Dissolution of Marriage/Separation/Khula/Talaq

  • Child Custody (Including Matters Such As Visitation Rights)

  • Securing The Right To Maintenance and Provision

  • Dower Related Financial Disputes

  • Restitution of Conjugal Rights

  • Certificate of Non-impediment to Marriage

  • Succession Related Matters

  • Legal Guardianship

Our approach to family law is unique in Pakistan. We have a dedicated team of family law experts headed by our senior partner Advocate Faisal Iqbal Awan that is focused exclusively on this area of law.  Each case of family related matters is handled by at least two experienced lawyers. This means that you will get the best outcome and no detail of your case will ever be overlooked. We treat each client’s case with the seriousness, speed and focus that is necessary in such matters. At the same time, it is part of our ethics to charge our clients only reasonable fees that is affordable and fair.


Which Lawyers Will Handle My Family Related Matter?

Senior Advocate Faisal Iqbal Awan

Advocate Faisal Iqbal Awan personally handles each case of family law and will be your lead attorney in the case. He is a national authority on all matters related to family law with an unmatched track record of success.

Advocate Memoona Aftab

Advocate Memoona Aftab, despite her young age, has quickly become a leading expert on family law and regularly assists senior lawyer Advocate Faisal Iqbal Awan in his family law practice. She has a keen interest in the subject and goes out of way for all of the firm’s family law clients.

Advocate Sidra Fatima

Advocate Sidra Fatima is a rising star in the field of family law. She assists senior lawyer Faisal Iqbal Awan in the area. She is an outspoken lawyer who is equally passionate about the matrimonial rights of all humans and has done enormous voluntary work in this area of law.

Frequently Asked Questions On Family Law Matters

What are the grounds on which a woman can get divorce?

The Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 provides a woman married under Muslim Law: the following grounds to obtain decree for dissolution of marriage:
• When the whereabouts of the husband have not been known for a period of four years.
• When the husband has neglected or has failed to provide for her maintenance for a period of two years.
• When the husband has taken an additional wife in contravention of the provisions of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961.
• When the husband has been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of seven years or upwards.
• When the husband has failed to perform, without reasonable cause, his marital obligations for a period of three years,
• When the husband was impotent at the time of the marriage and continues to be so.
• When the husband has been insane for a period of two years or is suffering from leprosy or a virulent venereal disease.
• When she, having been given in marriage by her father or other guardian before she attained the age of sixteen years, repudiated the marriage before attaining the age of eighteen years so long as that the marriage has not been consummated.
• When the husband treats her with cruelty; and makes her life miserable.
• When she is attempted to force by his husband to live an immoral life.
• When husband companions with a woman of evil repute.
• When her husband disposes of her property or prevents her exercising her legal rights over it.
• When she is obstructed by her husband in the observance of her religious profession or practice.
• When her husband has more wives than one, does not treat her evenhandedly in accordance with the injunctions of the Quran.
• On any other ground which is recognized as valid for the dissolution of marriages under Muslim Law e.g. Khula etc.

What is meant by “Khula”?

Khula is an Islamic right of a woman to seek dissolution of marriage from her husband through intervention of the court.

What is the main ground to seek Khula?

To seek Khula a wife has to avow in her suit for dissolution of marriage that she has developed intense hatred for her husband; and it has now become impossible for her to live with him within the limits prescribed by Almighty Allah.

How long does a divorce take?

A Divorce can take between 3 to 6 months depending on the circumstances of the case.

What is the procedure of divorce?

A man can divorce her wife without the intervention of court. He; after the pronouncement of Talaq, written or oral, gives a notice in writing to Chairman union council of his having done so; and supplies a copy of the same to his wife. Within 30 days after receiving a notice, the Chairman constitutes an arbitration council in order to affect reconciliation between the parties.
In case a woman obtains a decree of dissolution of the marriage from the court of law or exercises its delegated right of divorce. The Chairman after receiving the decree of the court or notice; adopts the same procedure; and constitutes an arbitration council for the purpose of bringing about compromise between the spouses.

What is the procedure for Khula?

In case a wife is not delegated the right of divorce; she can seek Khula by bringing a suit against her husband in a Family court. After assuming jurisdiction; the Family Court summons her husband; and requires him to file a written statement. After the submission of written statement, the Court fixes the case for pre-trial proceedings; and tries to affect compromise between the spouses. If reconciliation fails; the Court forthwith passes decree for dissolution of marriage.

After how much time does the divorce becomes effective?

The Talaq, unless revoked earlier, becomes effective after the expiration of 90 days from the day on which notice of Talaq or decree of the Court is delivered to the Chairman.

After obtaining khula decree from the court is dissolution of marriage is complete?

No, after obtaining Khula decree from the court you need to file an application before the Chairman Arbitration Council/Union Council of your jurisdiction for obtaining dissolution of marriage certificate.

Where can a wife file a suit for dissolution of marriage?

A wife can file a suit for dissolution of marriage in a Family Court within local limits of which she ordinarily resides.

Whether overseas Pakistanis can get divorce online?


Can overseas Pakistani woman file divorce in Pakistan without coming?

Yes. She can appoint her Special Attorney who can represent her in the court.

What is the law for custody of children in Pakistan?

Guardian and Wards Act 1890 is a basic law which deals with the custody of minors. In view of the specification in part 1 of the schedule of Family Courts Act 1964; a Family court can also entertain a matter regarding guardianship. While deciding the question of custody of children; the paramount consideration is their welfare. Therefore, the party proves that welfare of the minor lies with her or him takes the custody.

Can a wife claim dower, dowry articles or bridal gifts after divorce?

Bridal gifts and dowry articles are legally recognized wife’s belongings; therefore, she is entitled to recover the same. With regard to dower, except in case of khula, the wife can recover dower as a matter of right.

Is a woman entitled to maintenance allowance after the divorce?

Wife can claim maintenance even after the divorce, however, only for the period of iddat.

Who is responsible for the maintenance of children?

Father is bound to pay maintenance allowance to his son till the age of puberty; and to his daughter until she is married.

Can the spouses dissolve their marriage through mutual consent?

Yes, they can dissolve their marriage through a mutual agreement. This kind of divorce is called Talaq-e-Mubarat. One of the spouses offers separation; and the other accepts in Talaq e mubarat.

Notice of Talaq sent through Chairman Union Council: can it be revoked?

Yes, divorce/talaq notice can be revoked before the expiry of ninety days from the date on which it was delivered.

How can a woman protect herself from harassment by her spouse and/or his family members?

She may file a complaint in this regard at women police station.

Can a woman remarry after applying divorce?

A woman cannot remarry until the divorce is finalized. Once finalized then she can remarry.