Corporate and commercial law matters are the corner stone of our legal practice at MJF. We have a team of lawyers who specialize in drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial agreements as well as providing sound advise on structuring corporate entities in an efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. MJF also has an enviable record in areas of taxation litigation and intellectual property protection, such as trademark litigation.

As financial transactions keep getting more complex, there is a pressing need for involving the best legal minds to structure corporate trassactions in a legally sound manner. The same goes for transactions related to strategic business ventures, mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, partnership agreements and supplier or client related matters.

MJF’s ┬ácompany law expertise means that we can provide in-depth understanding of the key matters which need to be managed from a legal perspective. In this regard, our service is also suitable for investment banks and equity providers.

MJF has an enviable list of corporate and commercial clients from all over the world who trust us as their legal gatekeepers when it comes to investing in Pakistan.