MJF offers following services regarding Trademark:
 Trademark Searches
 Application Filing
 Legal actions
 Hearings
 Oppositions
 Acceptance & Registration
 Renewals
 Post Registration
 Appeals

A Trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, and/or design that identifies and distinguishes the
source of the goods of one party from those of others. A service mark is a word, phrase,
symbol, and / or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of a service rather than
Trademark law in Pakistan is governed under 2 legislations:
 Trademark Ordinance 2001 &
 Trademark Rules 2004
Trademark Registration Procedure

The procedure for trademark registration is as follows.
 The applicant applies for a Trademark Search by filling out TM Form 55 and giving the
required Trademark. A search is then made by TMR Office to check if a trademark
similar to the one being sought already exists.
 If a similar trademark doesn’t exist, the applicant can move on to the next step.
 If a similar trademark is already registered, applicant can give another Trademark for
search by filling out another form.
 This trademark search is not mandatory, but is recommended by TMR office to avoid
any disputes in the future with matching trademarks.
 After the search is made and does not result in finding a similar Trademark, applicant
fills out the Application Form (TM Form 1 or TM Form 2, whichever applies) for the
registration. Goods and services for which a trademark can be obtained are divided into
several categories known as Classes. The application must contain:
 Prescribed Application Form (TM Form 1 or TM Form 2),
 8 copies of clear reproduction of the Trademark (Word, Symbol, Logo, 3D
features etc.),
 A list of goods and services for which the Trademark is being sought,
 Payment to the respective administrator (usually the Director General, IPO –

 An acknowledgment report is sent to the applicant within 15 days of submission of the
application. The applicant is further notified regarding the application via an Examination
Report within 3 months of application submission. If there is any objection regarding the
Trademark, applicant is notified with a Show Cause notice to which the applicant must
respond within 2 months and clarify all objections or the request will be cancelled.
 If there are no objections at this stage, the trademark is published in a monthly digital
Journal which is available on IPO’s website.

 The journal is available publicly, and anyone can view the trademarks which
have been applied for registration.
 If some party has any objection against a trademark published in the journal, they
can seek IPO’s action against it by filling out Form TM-5 or Form TM-
8 (whichever applies to the case) to request the launch of an investigation.
 An applicant can submit their defence against opposition notice by filling
out Forms TM-6 or TM-9 (whichever applies).

 If no objection is raised within 2 months of the journal publication, the applicant’s request
for trademark registration is accepted, and they are instructed via a Demand Notice to
pay the registration fee alongside TM Form 11 in order to receive a registration
 Registration certificate is issued once the final payment is made by the applicant.
 Applicant is responsible for the renewal of trademark every 10 years. Trademarks can
be renewed by filling out TM Form 12 alongside making prescribed fee.