In recent years, prosecutors won more than 60 percent of cases that they brought to trial in the courts. However, not every case goes to trial, which means there is a chance that your charges may be dropped or that a plea bargain to reduce penalties can be negotiated without ever having to set foot in a courtroom.

At MJF, we fight diligently to avoid conviction. Our defense lawyers understand the procedural and legal nuances of the complex Pakistani legal system. From raising defenses to introducing reasonable doubt, we will help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Being arrested can be a stressful and frightening experience, especially for individuals who have never had brushes with the law before.

If you are facing criminal charges, you should seek the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to minimize the impact on your future. Criminal attorneys help their clients beat their charges and get their lives back in track in some of the following ways:

  • Criminal attorneys have expert knowledge of the criminal laws and procedures of the jurisdictions in which they practice
  • Criminal attorneys are skilled negotiators and can help you obtain the most favorable plea bargain or outcome
  • Criminal attorneys have easier access to resources that are often beyond the reach of the average person, such as buried evidence, witnesses, and forensic investigators
  • Criminal attorneys act as their clients’ voice — they speak and act on your behalf and prevent you from making mistakes that could hurt your case

Although you may choose to go up against the criminal justice system alone, doing so can significantly jeopardize your chances of success. To get started, please contact MJF criminal defense attorney.