The Role of Power of Attorney in Property Transactions in Pakistan

Buying or selling property is often a significant transaction for many individuals. Sometimes, you may not be available to handle these transactions due to your absence in the country or other reasons. In such cases, a Power of Attorney (POA) becomes instrumental.

A POA is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone else to manage your affairs. In Pakistan, a POA must be executed in the presence of a Notary Public or a diplomatic officer and needs to be registered if it confers authority to sell immovable property.

However, misuse of a POA is not uncommon, leading to property frauds. Therefore, it’s crucial to appoint someone trustworthy as your attorney and limit their powers to only what is necessary.

Besides, understanding the nature and effect of a POA can be tricky due to the complex language and legal jargon. Here, an experienced legal counsel can help decode the intricacies.

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The use of POA can make property transactions smoother, but it’s critical to understand its implications. With the right legal guidance, you can make informed decisions, protecting your hard-earned assets.

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